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What a Book Can Do: The Publication and Reception of Silent Spring

The story of Silent Spring, from author to publisher to media, audience, and opposition, showing how books and media interact to form public debate.

“A marvelous blend of good detective work and rounding up of the correct suspects”
--Walter Powell

“Affirms the unique place of the book as an agent of change, and raises timely questions about science, the media, and the right to know.”

"Books and the Media: The Silent Spring Debate"

Chapter in The Enduring Book: Print Culture in Postwar America, vol. 5 of A History of the Book in America.

Case study illustrating the relationship between books and the media. "A powerful reminder that a book can still make a wide and lasting difference." -- Journal of Scholarly Publishing

“Books Are Dead, Long Live Books”

Chapter in Rethinking Media Change: The Aesthetics of Transition, David Thorburn and Henry Jenkins, eds.

A study of predictions, found as early as 1894, that new media will soon make books obsolete. With a brief analysis of the underlying assumptions, as well as illustrations and humor.